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I have seen some pretty saucy sites on the net before but none quite like It’s one of those places that kind of has it all in e very sense of the word. Before I get into why I love the site so much, there are three things to mention… 1. I am a pretty normal guy who just likes to have a little adult fun every once in a while 2. I am also single and don’t condone cheating or dishonesty in a relationship whatsoever and 3. I love women. The thing that most people don’t like about Dirty Little Whore is that it’s name sounds a little degrading. While I would agree it would be degrading if it were a site that a politician or public figure put up. It’s not like that, it’s more about what the girls enjoy and the girls on really like the idea of being a dirty little whore who doesn’t have to pretend to be something else. The question I always ask the naysayers is why they are trying to get so involved when all of the girls and guys involved with the site want to be on it. They all enjoy it, it’s not like they are taking nice girls and corrupting them. These are girls who like role playing and I think that can actually be a healthy thing.

While I don’t actually put the site together or am I a partial creator or anything of the site, I do feel a little involved. Since 1999, I have been a chubby, under confident, lazy, divorced guy. I wasn’t able to find a woman willing to go out with me at all. No one would even consider it. Below you can see some examples of what women have said to me throughout the years before I did finally get involved with Dirty Little Whore.

“He’s is so fat and gross that I can’t even get over it. I know he’s your friend Jeremy, but I just can’t go on another date with him since it was so disgusting. If it were up to me, I’d never let you set me up on another date. You know that you are the one I like and I don’t know why you are setting me up with these slobs. Why can’t we just spend some more time together?” – This was a letter a girls wrote back to my friend after he told me that she was too ugly for him. So this girl is too ugly for my friend (who isn’t even that good looking) and I am a “slob” to her?

“From the second I saw him, I wanted him to get out of my vision entirely. The only problem is that he is so big it was very hard to make that happen. This guy must of eaten at least 4 full course meals all within the same amount of time that I ate 1. Oh yeah, and did I mention there was also an appetizer and a dessert. He was like an animal which I found somewhat offensive. To know that he contributes to countless animal deaths for not reason but gluttony is a little too much for me to handle. I know he’s your friend and a nice enough guy but there is only so much I can handle. Sorry.”

“At first I thought… yeah he is really big but I will give him a chance. That turned out to be a huge mistake since he was so awkward and never knew when to quit talking. I was just totally turned off and excited to get out of there.”

These are just a sampling of what I was going through before I went to People don’t understand why I go there because they are so short sighted in their views and have no idea what an open mind even is. Try being a virgin at the age of 37 and you will begin to understand what I am going through minus the fact that people stare at me everywhere I go. It’s like I have something awful attached to me that people want to run away from and are scared of. I am not scared of it and my friends at Dirty Little Whore aren’t scared of it but I’m viewed as an outcast who is gross and can’t be trusted.

Enough about my issues, I originally started writing this because I wanted others like me to realize that there is hope out there and there are people at who you will really like if you give them a chance. Know that they aren’t as judgmental as the rest of the world and can become your greatest supporters. It’s not that hard as long as you are willing to give it a chance.

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